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Airport transfers from Ivalo to Inari have started again.                          Reservations by e-mail ilmari.slant (at)                                                      (online store is not operational).


Transportation must be booked the previous day by 15:00 by e-mail from ilmari.slant (at)
Airport transfers depart 20 minutes after arrival of flight. You will have enough time to get your luggage and catch the bus,                driver will wait if there is any delays on the flight. The bus is waiting in front of  the airport exit, about 25m away.                                     The company name "Ilmari Slant Ky" is written on the bus.

In October, airport transfers once a day. On Fridays at 8:30 a.m. and on Sundays at 6:30 pm we don't transport.                                       You can ask for a private transfer for these flights.

The trip is paid for the bus to the driver in cash or by card.

Price / person: Ivalo 10€, Ukonjärvi 12€, Inari 27€, children under 11 years -50%

Airportbus timetables


When booking, please indicate:
1. Name and telephone number
2. Number of people       
3. Date and time of arrival or departure to/from Ivalo
4. Destination or pickup location

Our route: Ivalo Airport - Ivalo River Camping - Näverniemi Holiday Village - Hotel Ivalo - Ivalo Travel Service (bus station) -  Hotel Kultahippu - Ukonjärvi Bus Stop - Wilderness Hotel Inari - Uruniemi Camping - Holiday Village Inari - Hotel Inari - Hotel Kultahovi - Lake Inari Mobile Cabins. Destinations are visited according to reservations. The journey from the airport to Ivalo takes 15 minutes and to Inari 1 hour.




Booking is binding. All changes and cancellations have to be informed in writing: ilmari.slant (at)
Cancellation must be made by 12:00 (Finnish time) the day before transfer.

Inquiries by e-mail to ilmari.slant (at)

Thank you!

Taxi and bus transportation services and  sightseeing in norther Lapland.

Office phone: +358 400-984 071 (Mon-Fri 9:00-16:00)
e-mail: ilmari.slant (at)

Transportation service Ilmari Slant serves clients in Inari and  Lapland around the clock
making sure you get a safe ride and arrive to your location on time.

We have sedans, minivans and buses so we can transfer even bigger groups.
We also offer sightseeing tours in northern Finland.
You can also get your car moved by us.

All of our drivers have a commercial driving licence issued by the Finnish police authority.